On-line Registration for Mass not required.

Effective May 1, Father Andrew has agreed to allow the discontinuation of online Mass registrations!

You will still be required to check-in and wear a mask AND we will still comply with capacity limits but we are trying to ease the burden a bit for our parishioners.

Thanks to all of you who have been so cooperative in using the sign up system. It has helped us tremendously in managing capacity. Hopefully, signups won’t have to be reinstated EVER but that will depend a great deal on continued cooperation and facing the Blessed Challenge of reaching reduced capacity limits! Let’s pray for that day, shall we? That would be a joyful day when everyone is able and hears God’s call to return!

Again, thank you for your past and future cooperation. God’s Blessings

2 thoughts on “On-line Registration”

    1. Thank you for your interest in our parish. Please contact the church office Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to speak with our Business Manager who will provide you with the paperwork. The phone number is 847-468-6900.

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