Looking forward to Opportunities in 2018

St. Laurence is working on bringing more religious growth to our parish family. We have several opportunities to help make that a reality.

Sunday School

Beginning January 7, our three to five year old parish members will be able to attend Sunday School during the 11AM mass each Sunday. For more information contact Emily Shannon at STLSundaySchool@yahoo.com

Misa en Espanol

Also beginning the first weekend in January is a mass in Spanish at 6:30PM on Saturday. Currently we are recruiting Eucharistic Ministers to serve parishioners during mass. If interested please contact the church office at 847-468-6900.

Whom Am I to Judge

Join Father Andrew and Briana Collins as they lead an educational opportunity for 8 weeks beginning January 21 on Sundays at Noon. What is “right and “wrong”? Is what’s right for you right for me? Is there a right and wrong for everyone, all the time? For more information contact Briana at 847-468-6900.


If you haven’t taken advantage yet of this gift to the parish. You may want to check it out. Catholic studies in video, audio and e-books. Sign-up at formed.org and use Code QWMQ3D to create your account.

Time and Talent

We are always looking for people to share their time and talent. Look into our ministries to see if there is a place where you may give of yourself.

These are just a few of opportunities taking place in the first month of the year. Visit us regularly or follow us on Facebook to see all of the news and excitement at St. Laurence Church in Elgin, IL.


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