Lenten Reflection Week 3 by Father Andrew

This weeks Lenten Reflection focuses on the Sunday Liturgy.

This Sunday’s liturgy asks us to consider Abraham, our “Father in Faith”. Abraham was pretty well situated in life when God asked him to pick up his family and head to a land He would promise him. Abraham was not afraid to leave his roots, his extended family, his lands, and his possessions. God definitely asked him to “go out on a limb” and he did because he trusted God. Many of us would be doing well to be just as responsive to God’s invitations.

Yet God invites Abraham to seemingly give up something even more precious, in fact, something God miraculously gave him: Isaac, his “only one” and thus all future descendants. Trusting as always, Abraham is willing, yet spared of the sacrifice.

Is God inviting us to go out on a limb this Lent to give up our “only one”, whatever that might be? Abraham’s faith grew solid by repeated small acts of trust. A great Lenten resolution would be to commit ourselves to small acts of trust in Jesus: to accompany Him wherever He leads us. After these forty days, we might find ourselves transformed like Peter, James, and John coming down the mountain with the Transfigured Jesus.

Watch the recording on YouTube.

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