Father Andrew’s Lenten Reflection for Holy Week

Holy Week is upon us and twice we will hear the Passion of Christ proclaimed, once on Palm Sunday, and the other on Good Friday. The holy liturgies invite us to be active participants in Christ’s redemptive suffering. It is a time unlike any other in which we can console Him through our prayer, our presence and our gratitude. Too often we are like the Apostles, nowhere to be found, afraid for our very lives. Or worse still, we have been inactive bystanders: apathetic, distracted, or even hard-hearted in our indifference. Sometimes we are weak believers who promise Him our belief and loyalty only if He come down from the cross. But if we stay close to Him and his mother Mary all through the road to Calvary, like St. John, He might just profoundly change us into the “Apostle whom He loves”, and the child of His very own mother. O Lord, may I fear not to admit what I have done to You; and fear not to accept what plans You have for me. “Your will, not mine be done.” Help me, until “It is finished.”

Watch the recording on YouTube.

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