Our Priest – Father Andrew Mulcahey

The priest at our parish is Father Andrew Mulcahey. Fr. Andrew came to St. Laurence Parish in 2013. Here is a bit more about him.Father Andrew Mulcahey
Name – Fr. Andrew Mulcahey
Place of Birth – Rockford, IL
Grew up in – Rockford, IL
Siblings – 1 sister and 3 brothers (one brother is a priest – Fr. Timothy at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Aurora, IL)

Graduated from: Michigan Technological University
Degrees in: B.S. Forestry; B.A. Philosophy

When did you know you wanted to be a priest? What happened that you knew it was your calling? I discovered my call in college, although God was probably working on me since high school. My older brother, Fr. Timothy, entered a religious congregation and when I went out to visit him, I decided to enter the seminary myself.

Where have you served? I served as a priest in a religious congregation for close to 15 years in Detroit, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Providence. In 2010, I returned home to the Rockford Diocese and incardinated here as a diocesan priest. In the Diocese, I served for 2 years as a priest at Holy Family Parish in Rockford, IL. I have served since 2013 here at St. Laurence.Our Priest Father Andrew

What do you like to do in your “non-collar” time? My favorite pastimes include skiing, gardening, hiking, and most anything outdoors.




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