The celebration of our 90 years as a parish happened on August 12, 2018celebration

Here is a recap of the celebration and events of the day.

Mass at 11AM began with a procession of flags of the nations represented by our parishoners in the order that they joined the parish.

The Knights of Columbus presented the American flag and the Vatican flag.

Mass was concelebrated by Father Robert Comacho and Father Andrew Mulcahey. The choir was a joint effort of our talented musicians representing a number of our masses.

Following mass, the festivities continued on the west parking area. We had a pig roasting that was prepared by Miguel and Andrew Gomez of Aurora. It was delicious!

Thanks to Father Bob for providing all of the tents and plastic tables/chairs/umbrellas. Many volunteers brought delicious contributions to the buffet attended by well over 200 people. And of course, we couldn’t have done all of this without the help of our Picnic committee that included:

  • Mike Shannon
  • Shar Huske
  • Val DeFrenza
  • Mary Comacho
  • Kay Gotter

Entertainment was provided by Jaime Pantoja’s group of musicians, DJ Greg, and the Ballet Folklorico Dancers.

The City of Elgin proclamation issued by Mayor David Kaptain on July 25, 2018 was read by City Council member Rosa Martinez.

Representative Anna Moeller presented a proclamation from the Illinois House of Representatives.

Grand Knight – Chris Gulik read a letter from K of C records, that represented the early days of St. Laurence parish in the Elgin area.

Other attendees included Franklin Ramirez, Elgin Township Supervisor, Police Chief Ana Lalley, Deputy Chief Alan Young, and Officer Echeverra, Fire Chief David Schmidt and a number of firefighters and paramedics.

Here is the bulletin from the following week with a picture recap. August 19, 2018

Scroll through this gallery of some of the highlights of the day.

To view all of the pictures visit this link.


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