How can you live your Cursillo?

Today (3-11-18) at mass, one of our Cursillo members spoke with you about their experience in living their Cursillo. They gave their testimony about their Cursillo weekend and how it was a very special experience for them.

If you are searching for a change in your life or would like to see a loved experience a faith filled transformation in Christ, this could be the key to open that door. Those who attend Cursillo experience a strengthened relationship with Jesus because of the weekend. You are invited to join others on the next Cursillo weekend. Please accept this as a personal invitation that was inspired by our Lord.

The dates for the next Cursillo weekend retreats are:

  • Men – April 12-15 (English)
  • Men – March 22-25 (Spanish)
  • Women – April 26-29 (English)
  • Women – May 3-6 (Spanish)

If you have any questions or are interested in attending, please contact Joe Bermea at 847-857-1307 or Antonia Ramirez 224-622-6830.

The general schedule for the weekend is:

  • Thursday – 4pm
  • Friday – all day
  • Saturday – all day
  • Sunday – until 4:30PM

If you are interested in attending, you will be sponsored for the weekend. Your sponsor will arrange for you to be driven to St. Mary’s in Oregon, IL. You will be picked up from the St. Laurence Parking lot on Thursday afternoon. You will be driven back to St. Laurence on Sunday.

This will be a powerful weekend that you will not forget! Our members who have already made their Cursillo will be praying for you. They ask that you remain open to the Holy Spirit and consider His call.

If you are interested please call Joe or Antonia with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Best Time/Day to follow-up


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