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Following is the policy of St. Laurence Parish Elgin IL on the copyright and permissions of the materials on our website.


Copyright of all original content on sites and, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.

Permission to use content is granted to any Catholic church or institution…

Permission is granted to use content from and to all Catholic and Christian organizations who are in full union of faith with the Catholic Church.  You may copy and paste up to 5,000 words of content freely or link to pages.  This includes use on nonprofit Catholic websites, social media, bulletins, emails and other forms of communication. If your organization/website is for profit and if you use ads on your website, please contact us before use for permission: webupdates @ stlaurenceelgin. org .

Please acknowledge the source of the content by citing our website from which it was taken in one of the following ways:

Copyright © 2020 St. Laurence Church, Elgin, IL All rights reserved. Used with permission.


Source of content:

Content may not be sold or distributed for profit in any way without written permission of St. Laurence Church, Elgin, IL.

Note: St. Laurence Church, Elgin, IL reserves the right to deny use of all copyrighted material at it’s sole discretion.

Others Content

Use of others content: We have attempted to link or notate to all content used from other sources. If we have mistakenly used something and not annotated the appropriate source, we will be happy to do so or remove such content.